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4 Reasons You Should Use a Custom Die Tooling Service

Precision tooling requires skill and extreme attention to detail. Whether your project requires single stage tooling or progressive tooling processes, it’s extremely important that your project’s design specifications are followed through to their fullest potential. Progressive Die and Stamping provides both large volume stamping and short run single stage tooling for your custom metal project needs.

At Progressive Die and Stamping, we take pride in the accuracy, repeatability, and quality of the metal stampings we create. This ensures that every custom piece that we produce meets our high standards and those of our customers. Additionally, we design and manufacture all our tools and dies on site within our USA based state-of-the-art in house tooling facility. This provides us with optimal precision and quality control within the manufacturing of your product.

1. Perfect Precision and Accuracy

If your parts or components require extremely small-diameter holes popped with high precision and accuracy, you need tooling. This method is capable of drilling holes as small as 0.010″ in diameter without using heat, which can deform some materials.

2. Flawless Repeatability

The tooling process has been perfected to an art, ensuring precise repeatability and the highest consistency possible. The procedure is compatible with extremely hard materials that are otherwise difficult to machine with traditional equipment.
The speed of production using an EDM hole drilling service ensures quick turnaround times, no matter the intricacy or magnitude of your order.

3. Monitored Quality Checks for Maximum Excellence

When you work with Progressive Die and Stamping you, can rest assured that the quality of our manufacturing services is unmatched. Our state-of-the-art technology coupled with highly skilled technicians ensures that you’re getting the quality services you need.

At every stage of the tooling process, our team is monitoring the quality of your parts or components, with in-process quality checks to ensure that your designs are flawless and meet expectations.

4. Servicing the Most Demanding Industries

We serve the most demanding industries, producing high-precision, tooling services for industries ranging from medical to aerospace and military. Progressive Die and Stamping is the company to turn to for competitive prices, exceptional process versatility and quick turnaround with on-time deliveries to meet any schedule.

Progressive Die & Stampings Drilling Service

Progressive Die and Stamping is ready to take on any project, no matter the complexity or volume. We’ll ensure perfect precision, flawless repeatability and quick, high-quality production no matter the extent of the job.

Contact us by calling us at 714-526-5773 for more information regarding our in-house progressive and single stage tooling services, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Progressive Die and Stamping is your trusted resource for advanced large volume and short run in house tooling services.


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