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Complex steel parts can be expensive to make – unless you choose the right production method. Compound die stamping produces steel parts swiftly, efficiently and accurately every time. Progressive Die and Stamping provides compound die stamping services to customers from a wide range of industries including aerospace, medical and dental, and commercial. We are committed to providing tight tolerances, accuracy, and repeatability.

How Compound Die Stamping Works

Compound die stamping is a metal forming process that involves cutting parts from strips of steel. The system feeds a strip of steel through the compound die, which cuts or punches out a part in a single stroke. A knock-out tool ejects the metal parts from the material and the steel strip continues feeding through the die until all the metal parts have been punched out. Scrap steel is either cut off or ejected in full strips and is collected for disposal or recycling. Give us a call today at 714-526-5773 with your project requirements.

Advantages of Compound Die Stamping

There are numerous reasons to choose compound die stamping, including:

Speed: Compound die stamping can produce a part every 3 seconds, or 1200 parts per hour. This reduces labor costs and can significantly shorten project lead times.

Efficiency: Compound dies can cut complex parts all in one stroke, eliminating the need for multiple dies and reducing tooling costs and cycle times.

Repeatability: By creating parts with one die, we’re able to ensure consistency and accuracy, and achieve flatness and good dimensional stability.

Cost-effectiveness: Because compound dies can produce your part quickly and effortlessly, you can expect to save money.

Reduced waste: The high mechanical accuracy of compound die stamping produces less material waste, resulting in cost savings.

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How to Know When You Should Use Compound Die Stamping

There are several methods used for cutting metal parts, but not every process is the right choice for your project. Compound die stamping is an efficient and cost-effective option for shorter runs and where parts can be produced using a single station, as opposed to the multiple stations used for progressive die stamping. Using a single station also improves mechanical accuracy and makes it easier to maintain part flatness and achieve close dimensional tolerances.

Compound die stamping is also an excellent choice for medium to high volume production runs because it efficiently and accurately cuts multiple features in a single stroke. The speed of production depends on the part size, but you can often reduce production time by eliminating the need for multiple stamping stations. Our team of experts can help you determine whether compound die stamping is the best option for your application. Get a quote today to discuss your metal cutting project.

Dies Made In-House

At Progressive Die and Stamping, we make all our dies in-house. Maintaining control over die production enables us to be certain that every die matches our customers’ designs. Additionally, because we don’t have to wait for a third party to produce dies, we’re able to reduce lead times and help our customers save money.

Progressive Die and Stamping’s tooling design department may suggest compound dies to meet certain elements on your part prints. For example, compound dies are a smart choice for part prints that include specifications for flatness and straightness.

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