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Progressive & Single Stage Tooling

Precision tooling requires skill and extreme attention to detail. Whether your project requires single stage tooling or progressive tooling processes, it’s extremely important that your project’s design specifications are followed through to their fullest potential. Progressive Die and Stamping provides both large volume stamping and short run single stage tooling for your custom metal project needs.

At Progressive Die and Stamping, we take pride in the accuracy, repeatability, and quality of the metal stampings we create. This ensures that every custom piece that we produce meets our high standards and those of our customers. Additionally, we design and manufacture all our tools and dies on site within our USA based state-of-the-art in house tooling facility. This provides us with optimal precision and quality control within the manufacturing of your product.

Contact us for more information regarding our single stage, progressive, and in house tooling services, or call us at 714-526-5773 and we will gladly discuss your specific project requirements. Progressive Die and Stamping is your trusted source for premium single stage and progressive tooling services.

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Single Stage Tooling Advantages

Single stage tooling processes rely on one stage instead of multiple stages to produce a part that is consistent with your design specifications. Even though single stage tooling does not include the complexities involved with progressive tooling, it can still effectively produce both short and large volume runs with ease. Some of the benefits associated with single stage tooling services include:

  • Cost effective production
  • Low capital investment
  • Less complex
  • Quicker return on investment
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Progressive Tooling Advantages

Progressive tooling and die services are utilized when the parts being produced require strict tolerances that cannot be achieved through other production means. Progressive tooling is mainly used for large production runs and involves multiple tooling aspects that are achieved through a single process. The benefits attained through progressive tooling include:

  • Fast production of small parts
  • Achieves tight tolerances
  • Minimal scrap
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Decreased setup time
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Custom In-House Tooling Services

At Progressive Die and Stamping, all our tools are maintained by our in-house tooling department to ensure your parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our manufacturing process is ISO 9001 compliant and we adhere to NADCAP standards.

Additionally, every piece of tooling that we produce is custom-made for the project at hand, and all customer design information is kept strictly confidential. Progressive’s in-house tool and die shop can meet the demands of any customer project.

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Single Stage & Progressive Tooling Manufactured Exclusively in the USA

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At Progressive Die & Stamping, all our tooling is designed and fabricated in our complete tool room at our facility in Anaheim, California, USA. While many metal stamping companies get their single stage and progressive tooling from overseas sources, we do it all in-house so we can control every step of the process. This helps us guarantee the quality and accuracy of our tooling so we can provide you with the best custom metal stampings available.

Our design staff will start with your part prints and consult with your engineering department to develop the perfect single stage or progressive tooling for your stamped metal parts. We will keep your tooling on hand for reuse in the future. As designing and manufacturing tooling is generally the most time-consuming part of any long- or short-run metal stamping project, this saves you valuable time (and money) on future orders.

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Contact us by calling us at 714-526-5773 for more information regarding our in-house progressive and single stage tooling services, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Progressive Die and Stamping is your trusted resource for advanced large volume and short run in house tooling services.