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High-Demand Industries That Require Rapid Prototyping Services 

Rapid prototyping services enable a design concept to be pushed to the production phase efficiently, creating and testing a parts fit, form and function for practical application.

Numerous demanding industries require high-precision metal stamping services to manufacture intricate metal parts— the prototyping phase is one of the most important to ensure quality and functionality.

Here are some industries that require prototyping services:

Military Prototypes

Military and defense applications require parts and components to be stamped to military specifications (MIL-SPEC). These parameters demand top-quality, complex parts with zero defects in consistent and high-volume runs— achieving this begins with an efficient prototyping process to ensure perfection in the production phase.

Aerospace Prototypes

The aerospace industry also requires parts that adhere to strict regulatory standards, while also meeting the same requirements for production volume and consistency. If an aerospace business is in the beginning stages of the design process, the contracted high-precision metal stamping company should be able to enhance the design with rapid prototyping services to produce a part that meets the strict standards.

Automotive Prototypes

The automotive industry also requires custom parts with tight tolerances, and with the rapid advancement of technology in vehicles, they’re getting more intricate and require increasingly detailed specifications. Like with military and aerospace prototypes, the parts can be engineered by the metal stamping companies to create automotive prototypes that will be tested for their performance.

Rapid Prototyping Services

Progressive Die and Stamping’s prototyping services take your product from design to full-scale production within a minimal time frame. Whether your project requires short-run compound die stampings, high quantity progressive die stampings or other production solutions, our rapid prototyping services will make manufacturing your parts faster, more efficient and less expensive.

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