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Rapid Prototyping Services from PDS

In addition to our long- and short-run stamping capabilities, Progressive Die and Stamping is also your number one source for rapid prototyping services. If you are just beginning your design process, we can assist you in refining your design by providing a prototype stamping that will let you test your part’s fit, form, and function.

As your parts evolve through various iterations, we can quickly and easily produce new tooling to accommodate your changing designs. With an in-house tooling shop, advanced CAD capabilities, and a skilled, experienced staff, we can guarantee that every prototype stamping you need—no matter how far removed from your original design—will match your exact specifications.

All tooling is custom-made for the project at hand, and all customer designs and related information are kept strictly confidential.

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From Prototype Stamping
to Full-Scale Production

Prototyping your design also helps in the development process. When a final prototype stamping is available, that means most of the engineering process has been completed, and the design and tooling can easily be transferred to the next step. Whether your project requires short-run compound die stampings, high quantity progressive die stampings, or other production solutions, our rapid prototyping services will make manufacturing your parts faster, more efficient, and less expensive.

Progressive Die and Stamping can also assist you with other rapid prototyping services. We have partnered with companies providing a variety of services to deliver the prototypes you need in a timely manner.

Request a quote on prototype stamping for your project, or contact us to learn more.

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