Quality Assurance

At Progressive Die and Stamping we incorporate quality control aspects into every phase of your project. From design to shipment our tight tolerances and repeatability allow your custom metal stamping project to be completed with pinpoint accuracy. We also uphold only the strictest and most rigorous of quality control standards regarding precision operations.

All our precision metal stamping services are performed with comprehensive monitoring, and thorough inspection of parts, which ensures optimal quality and accuracy. Additionally, accountability testing and a lean manufacturing environment allow for streamlined, efficient operations, which keeps turnarounds short and consistency high.

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Quality Control Equipment

As part of our commitment to quality and reliability, we maintain the most up-to-date, cutting-edge equipment. Our team regularly inspects machinery and conducts thorough product inspections to guarantee all parts are made to exact client specifications. We also take great care in sourcing and selecting our materials, which in conjunction with the unparalleled precision of our metal fabrication services provides the ultimate in safety standards. The three aspects of reliability that our quality control equipment provides, include:

  • Tight Tolerances
  • Accuracy
  • Repeatability
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Quality Control Certifications

Every step of our production processes and precision operations are inspected, passed, and approved to ensure only the most efficient and quality level of manufacturing and service possible. In addition, our manufacturing is backed by our quality certifications.

Our customers will receive high-quality products and services while ensuring that our company’s employees reap the benefits of a better-organized, safer, and cleaner workplace geared towards continuous improvement.

  • MIL-I 45208 Inspection System Implemented
  • ISO 9001 Compliant Q4 2022
  • In-house and 3rd Party Calibrations
  • $70K+ Invested in 300+ Gages
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Continuous Improvement
  • ECI Job Boss Production Control System

Progressive Die and Stamping takes pride in High-Quality ratings with our customers. We work closely with your engineering, sales, and Quality Assurance staff to provide you with products to meet your specifications and requirements.

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