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It’s all in the name. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.

Progressive Die and Stamping was established in 1962.
The company moved to our present location in Anaheim California in 1975.
In 2012, we celebrated our 50th anniversary as an industry-leading die stamp company.

Progressive Die Stamping Experience

Our personnel have many years of experience in all aspects of precision metal stamping. We can take your concept from design stage to prototype, and low quantity projects into large vmost any stamping job, whether it’s a precision metal stamping made on a progressive stamping die or a short-run metal stamping.

All of our dies and stamping tools are made in-house, to ensure optimum quality and precision.

Industries served inlclude computer, safe/locks, automotive, medical & dental, natural gas safety, hardware, automotive hand tools, renewable energy, military, aerospace and bicycle hardware just to name a few.

Request a quote for the metal die stamping required for your applicaton, call us to discuss your project at 714-526-5773, or contact us directly for more information.

american metal stamping company
american metal stamping company

Military Part Die Stamping

Military and defense applications often require that their vehicles, equipment, and components be stamped to military specifications, often referred to as (MIL-SPEC). Military metal stampings provide a standard for the government and what is acceptable for state-of-the-art military parts and components. Military part die stamping specifications require MIL-SPEC manufacturers to produce high quality, complex parts with zero defects in consistent, high volume runs.

Aerospace Stampings

The metal stampings process for the aerospace industry uses dies to transform flat metal sheets into shapes. The part is carried by the strip and shaped or formed at numerous stations in the progressive dies. Progressive stampings are typically the most economical type of stamping. When fabricating our aerospace stamped metal pieces we focus on tight tolerances, accuracy, and repeatability, which provides for truly custom stampings for aerospace manufacturers.

Precision Die Stamped Medical Parts

With medical technologies continuing to advance, the need for high-performing die stamped medical components has increased as well. As an innovative contract progressive die stamping manufacturer, Progressive Die and Stamping has the state-of-the-art equipment and precision die stamping experience for your next stamped metal medical component.

Commercial Stampings

Progressive Die and Stamping is your number one source for precision commercial stamping services. We have the skills, the experience, and the technology needed to produce parts and components that match your exact design specifications. Whether you need custom flat spring products, stainless steel stampings, or other stamped metal products, we have the solution you need.

Precision Stampings

High precision metal stamping is a fast and cost-effective solution for manufacturing a variety of complex products. Metal stamping uses high tonnage presses and stamping dies to forge sheets of metal into complete or semi-complete intricate stamped parts.

Precision metal stamping improves the speed and accuracy of complex metal stamping projects by allowing the stamping, folding, drawing, or piercing of a product into a single operation or series of operations.

Custom Die Stamping

Metal die stamping services produce custom parts in numerous quantities, including both small and large quantities that cannot be accomplished through standard machining operations. Large scale die stamping processes produce custom parts in a short time frame, allowing for quick project turnarounds and increased customer satisfaction.