Stamping Materials



Progressive Die and Stamping produces high precision commercial stampings from a variety of flat stock metals and alloys. Materials we work with include:

  • Stainless steel
  • High carbon steel
  • Low carbon steel
  • Brass
  • Beryllium copper
  • Aluminum
  • and more

Many specialty materials are available upon request. Give us a call at 714-526-5773 to discuss your unique material requirements.

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material selection

Material selection can often affect both part performance and manufacturability. Our expert team can help you determine if your part would work better and/or be easier or less expensive to manufacture if stamped from a different material than your original specification calls for. We will never compromise your parts’ performance, and will only suggest material changes if the alternate material will perform as well or better than the original specification.

Request a quote on the precision commercial stampings you need, or contact Progressive Die and Stamping to get started today

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advantages of commercial stampings

Compared to other manufacturing processes, metal stamping offers numerous advantages. In many instances, parts and products produced via other methods, such as casting or machining, can be easily and cost-effectively replaced with stamped parts. Advantages of stamping include:

  • Ideal for mass production of parts, as it offers very fast production cycles
  • Multi-piece assemblies can often be reduced to single stamped part
  • The nature of the process reduces waste and scrap for material cost savings
  • Fast and easy solution for part prototyping, simulation, and development
  • Progressive die stamping work hardens many materials, resulting in stronger finished parts

If you need a custom flat spring, stainless steel stamping, or any other commercial stamping, look no further than Progressive Die and Stamping. Request a quote on precision commercial stampings for your project, or contact us to learn more.

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