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The Benefits of In-House Custom Die Tooling

Custom die tooling enables the swift production of steel parts with high precision and accuracy. Precision tooling requires skill and extreme attention to detail, whether your project requires single-stage tooling or progressive tooling processes.

Here are the benefits of using a manufacturing company with an in-house tooling shop:

Near-Perfect Die Stamped Parts

Keeping die production in-house enables full control over the production of parts used to create our customers’ designs. With no third-party involvement, we can assure the accuracy, repeatability and quality of the parts we produce— there’s no one we trust more to perfect the production process than ourselves.

We design and manufacture all of our tools and dies on site, using our state-of-the-art in-house tooling facilities and expert technicians who monitor every step of the process for quality assurance.

Increased Efficiency for Customers’ Die Stamped Parts

Creating our dies internally also means that we’re able to cut down production time for our clients. Die production is a precise and demanding part of the process— if we had to wait for a third party to source our custom die tooling, production would slow overall and decrease our output speed.

Our in-house tooling shop enables the reduction of lead times and helps our customers save money. Our tooling design department will also be able to suggest compound dies to meet specific elements on your part prints.

Use Progressive Die & Stamping for Your Die Stamped Parts

As an industry-leading custom metal stamping company, Progressive Die and Stamping can manufacture any precision part with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. Our in-house tooling shop enables the production of custom die tooling for any project and demand.

We’ve serviced industries ranging from electronics to aerospace and everything in between, and we’re confident we can create detailed parts at a fraction of the cost and time as other methods.

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