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What Do Short-Run Metal Stamping Companies Do?

Short-run metal stamping companies produce complex and intricate metal parts at minimal production costs. This manufacturing process turns metal sheets into parts used by almost every technology-based industry out there. 

Here’s everything you need to know about short-run stamping companies: 

Multi-Step Process 

This high-precision process places a blank sheet of metal (a variety of metals can be used) between a die and a punch to produce complex metal parts according to the project’s specifications. Oftentimes, the metal stamping company will engineer the design of the parts digitally and then custom-make the tooling necessary to produce them. 

Whether a customer already knows their specifications or is in need of prototyping or refining the process, a high-quality metal stamping company will be able to perfect the part before producing them. 

Short-Run vs. Long-Run 

Short-run metal stamping produces smaller quantities of complex metal parts (typically 5,000 or fewer). This process is ideal for testing a design when you’re looking for minimal tooling expenses, as opposed to long-run techniques that require additional tooling costs and a larger quantity of parts. 

Top-quality short-run metal stamping companies will know which process is best for the customer’s needs and provide the option with the lowest costs and tooling needs. 

The Best Among Short-Run Metal Stamping Companies 

Progressive Die and Stamping is an industry-leading metal stamping company. We can help take your project from concept to prototype to full-scale production, producing intricate parts in any quantity. Our personnel has years of experience in all aspects of precision metal stamping. 

All of our dies and stamping tools are made in-house to ensure optimum quality and precision— it also removes the middleman to ensure shorter lead and production times. No matter how demanding the industry or requirements, our services provide the most cost and time-efficient methods available. 

Contact us to tell us about your project.

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