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What is Progressive Die Stamping?

Progressive die stamping is a unique process metalworking process used across a multitude of high-demand industries to create precise metal parts in large volumes. This technique’s inception in the 1950s has evolved into the complex, high-tech systems used today. 

Here’s everything you need to know about progressive stamping: 

What is a Progressive Die? 

A progressive die is a metalworking tool defined best as, “A die in which two or more sequential operations are performed at two or more stations upon the work, which is moved from station to station. One operation is usually performed at each station.” 

Unlike a compound die, which performs multiple operations in one stroke, progressive dies are typically used for more complex parts that require a variety of production steps. 

How Does Progressive Die Stamping Work? 

A coil of flat, thin metal stock is fed into the stamping machine where the die tooling punches, pierces, contours, cuts and bends the part (or parts) while it’s being fed through the sequential stations. 

The part is worked according to design specifications, which have been engineered to perfection before production. At the end of the line, the parts are cut off, producing one or more custom metal stampings per cycle of the machine. 

Benefits of Progressive Stamping

Die stamped components are intricately made, while also being extremely durable with tight tolerances. This makes them the optimal choice for high-demand industries like the aerospace, military and automotive sectors.

The process reduces the amount of setup time needed and minimizes waste— it’s hailed as one of the most efficient and cost-effective metal manufacturing methods available. Progressive stamping is ideal for companies manufacturing complex and precise parts at a high volume.

Progressive Die and Stamping 

Progressive Die and Stamping is an industry-leading custom metal stamping company, with over fifty years of proven expertise and ingenuity in the trade. We can take any part from its early design stages into prototyping and full-scale production with the same speed and efficiency as the progressive stamping process.

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