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Where to Find the Highest-Quality Precision Metal Stamping in California

Progressive Die and Stamping is your premiere custom metal stamping company, providing over fifty years of top-quality, high precision metal stamping in California. 

Here’s everything you need to know about our company and services: 

About Progressive Die and Stamping 

Progressive Die and Stamping specializes in providing high precision metal stamping and commercial metal stampings in small to large-volume quantities using single-stage methods or progressive dies, as needed. Our tooling design and manufacturing are completed in-house, using innovative engineering coupled with the latest in CAD design and die-building machinery.  

We also provide on-site value-added services, such as tapping, spot welding, arc welding and assembly of your products. Without the need for a third party to provide additional functions, lead and production time becomes exponentially more concise. 

Our Services

Whether your parts require a complex manufacturing process or single-stage production, we have everything necessary to provide the most efficient technique for quality, quantity and cost savings. We provide exceptional progressive die stamping, compound die stamping and secondary ancillary services to ensure your part is shipped complete. 

Our engineering and CAD services allow us to assist with the design process and make revisions as needed. Our in-house custom die tooling enables every stage of the production process to be completed on-site, and state-of-the-art machines provide top-quality manufacturing in the most efficient manner possible. We can bring any part from the design stage to prototyping and full-scale production. Although our metal stamping facilities are in California, we service the entire U.S.

Quality Assurance 

We incorporate quality control aspects into every phase of your project, upholding only the strictest standards regarding precision operations. All of our services are performed with comprehensive monitoring and thorough inspection of parts to ensure optimal quality and accuracy. 

Accountability testing and a lean manufacturing environment allow for streamlined operations, which keeps turnarounds short and consistency high. Our cutting-edge equipment is inspected regularly, and our materials are sourced with considerable attention. 

High Precision Metal Stamping in California  

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