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Why Choose an American Metal Stamping Company?

Custom metal stamping services provide a precise, cost-effective method of manufacturing complex parts for a number of advanced industries. Choosing an American metal stamping company is essential to ensure quality and efficiency throughout the production process.

Here’s why:

Shorter Lead Times

Metal stamping manufacturers typically require a substantial lead time to generate the design, source materials, complete production and deliver parts. When you outsource to another country, delivery could take anywhere from 3-6 months plus the time it takes to source necessary materials.

When you manufacture parts with a top-quality onshore company, delivery time can be as little as 4-5 weeks with a significantly shorter amount of time required to source materials locally.

Cost-Efficient Production

While offshoring might seem like an economical route, many companies don’t see the bigger picture regarding the actual costs of “inexpensive” manufactured parts. As with any service, you get what you pay for— we’ve constantly been contracted to upgrade or repair substandard products from cheap custom metal stamping manufacturers.

Choosing a high-quality American metal stamping company might (in some cases) cost more up-front, but you’ll receive durable and precise custom metal parts that are ready for application.

Enhanced Quality Control

You can’t guarantee quality assurance when your parts are being manufactured by an overseas metal stamping company that outsources different phases of production to companies with the resources and tooling to complete it— that’s often the case with off-shore production.

While not every custom metal stamping company in the U.S. guarantees advanced quality control measures throughout the production process, it’s important to find one that does. Top-quality metal stamping manufacturers provide quality and precision at every phase of the process, from design to shipment.

Work with an American Metal Stamping Company

Progressive Die and Stamping is one of the leading metal stamping manufacturers in the U.S. We ensure precision and durability for every part and component we create, with top-of-the-line production processes and quality control at every phase of production.

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